Wedding Cupcakes

Why choose a tiered cupcake stand for your wedding cake or occasion cake?

Cupcakes are Versatile

Wedding cupcakes have an advantage over wedding cake because they can be in a variety of flavors, not just a singular flavor as is in the case of most wedding cakes. By using wedding cupcakes in different flavors, your guests are sure to find a flavor that they will like.

Wedding Cupcakes are Trendy

Cupcakes are everywhere lately! Martha Stewart has featured cupcake wedding cakes on her website, and wedding cupcakes are turning up in the latest bridal magazines. When stacked together on a tiered cupcake wedding cake stand, cupcakes make quite an impression! Our stand makes it easy for you to make a beautiful cupcake presentation. We suggest you pickup the stand approximately 2 to 4 weeks ahead of time and go to any craft store (Michael’s or AC Moore) to purchase items to decorate your stand with. You can use a hot glue gun and lots of creativity to make your stand personalized and fun. If you don’t have time, give the job to a creative friend or bridesmaid to work with. The day simply get placed on the stand at the display table.

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